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    Article 1


    Under the name of the “South African Society for Gynecologic Endoscopy” (hereinafter called the ‘Society') and association to be governed by this Constitution is hereby established.]

    Article 2

    Objectives of the Society
    The objectives of the Society shall be:

    1. To encourage the exchange of clinical experience, scientific thought and investigation among gynecologic endoscopists and practitioners in related techniques.
    2. To encourage research and evaluation of endoscopic and related techniques.
    3. To recommend standards of training in gynecologic endoscopy and related specialties. To conduct appropriate training and instructional courses.
    4. To promote international agreement on terminology and definitions.
    5. To promote cooperation between national and international societies viz: AAGL, ISGE. ESGE

    Article 3

    Achievement of the Objectives
    The methods by which these objectives could be achieved shall be:

    1. The organization of regular scientific meetings.
    2. The collection of reliable data on present methods and standards.
    3. Ensure regular communications with members by electronic and postal media.
    4. The co-ordination of multi-centre clinical trials.
    5. Audit of the results and complications of endoscopic surgery and related techniques to ensure patient safety.
    6. Advising on the content of training programs.

    Article 4

    Duration of the Society

    The duration of the Society shall be unlimited

    Article 5


    The Society shall consist of Annual Members, Life Members, Honorary Members, Corporate Members and Associate Members.

    1. Members
      The following shall be eligible to be Annual Members of the Society:

      1. Registered or reired gynecologists and practitioners of related techniques of good standing.
      2. Medical practitioners in training in the above specialties.

    2. Life Members The same criteria shall apply as for Annual Members but life Members shall not pay an annual subscription.
    3. Honorary Members The Board of the society may propose to General Assembly the election of Honorary Members. They shall be medical practitioners or others who have made a significant contribution to the specialties. Honorary Members shall have the same rights as Members but will not be eligible to hold office, vote or be liable to an annual subscription.
    4. Corporate Members Corporate Membership shall be available to industrial organizations or companies. They will not be eligible to hold office or vote.
    5. Associate Members

    Individuals who are not medical practitioners but who have an interest in or have contributed to gynecologic endoscopy or related techniques may be elected Associate Members. They shall not be entitled to vote or hold office. There shall be three categories of Associate Membership:

    1. Individual Industrial Members.
    2. Non-Medical Scientific Members.
    3. Paramedical Members.

    Article 6

    Termination of Membership

    Membership of the Society can be terminated by:

    1. The Member subject to giving notice of withdrawal to the Secretary at least three months before the end of the current year. Notice of withdrawal shall become active at the end of the year in which notice is served. Contributions for the year concerned shall be paid.
    2. Default in the payment of contributions to the Society when the arrears of contributions are outstanding for One year.
    3. Members behaving in a manner likely to bring the society into disrepute. The decision should be made by the board after providing formal written notification to the member. The member will then be given the opportunity to respond to the allegation at the next board meeting if the member wishes to appeal the board's decision, the appeal should be heard by all the members of the society at the next annual general meeting.

    Article 7


    The Board may set up committees to perform appropriate functions. The terms of office of the committees shall be at the discretion of the Board. The board shall elect the chairman of each committee who should preferable be a member of the board. Membership of each committee should be decided at the annual meeting of the full board. Each member of each committee should be an elected member of the board and should serve for 2 years. Board members may be re-elected to one or more committees during their 4 year term on the board. Each committee may adopt its own rules for management but is responsible to the Board. The Committee shall report its activities to each Board Meeting.

    Article 8


    The official language of the Society shall be English.


    Article 9

    Contributions and Liability

    Each member, except Life and Honorary Member, shall pay to the Society a yearly subscription the amount of which shall be determined by the General Assembly. Life Members shall pay a single subscription of 10 times the annual registration fee, the amount of which shall also be determined by the General Assembly. Members of the Society shall be exonerated from personal liability in respect to the financial commitments of the Society which shall be guaranteed solely by the Society's assets.


    Article 10

    The organs of the Society
    The Organs of the Society are the General Assembly and the Board.

    Article 11

    Meeting of the General Assembly

    1. The General Assembly is the supreme authority of the Society.

    Article 12

    Meetings of the Board

    1. The Interim Board shall meet as often as required for the business of the Society but never less than once each year.

    Article 16

    Fiscal Year

    The fiscal year shall be the calendar year.

    Article 18

    Responsibility to Third Parties

    In respect to all acts involving the responsibility of the Society towards third parties, it shall be validly representative duly appointed to that effect by the Interim Board.


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