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Course Outline

SASGE is proud to present and host the courses below. Here is an outline on the process and what to expect.

Level 1A Modules

Lesson Topics


This topic will cover the essentials of laparoscopic anatomy (including the anterior abdominal wall, pelvic organs, pelvic spaces, ureteric anatomy, vascular anatomy and more). The focus will be on clinical application and principles of safety.

Ergonomics and Instrumentation

In this section the essentials equipment for laparoscopic surgery will be discussed (telescope, light-sources, insufflators, camera modules etc) as well as the basics of ergonomics and theatre safety including theatre set-up and patient positioning.

Principles of Safe Entry

Entry remains a high-risk event in laparoscopy. During this session, we will review the principles needed to obtain laparoscopic access safely and limit the risk of complications.


Applied principles of electrosurgery will be covered with a review of the fundamental physics and the role thereof in clinical practice. Emphasis will be on safe and efficient use.


In this section, the prevention, identification, and management of visceral, vascular and neural complications will be covered.

Practical Suturing

In this session, we will cover the essentials of laparoscopic suturing, including choice of needle and suture, selecting the best approach and the practicalities of needle positioning and knot-tying.


The basics of safe hysteroscopy will be covered, including instrumentation, technique and principles of safety, identification and management of complications and new advances.

Challenges and difficult cases

In this section, challenges such as high BMI, adhesions and anaesthetic consideration will be discussed.

Level 1B Certification

Lesson Content

Level 1 Certification

The theoretical assessment for Level 1B certification will cover the content of the Level 1 modules in a web-based quiz.

The practical assessment for Level 1B certification will cover the basics of suturing.

*Please note – this is not a suturing course, but an assessment of basic skills before embarking on the logbook.

Level 1 Video Logbook

The Logbook shall be completed within 1 year of enrolment.

15 laparoscopic and 5 hysteroscopic cases will be recorded and submitted immediately after each case.

The cases will be randomly assigned to a blinded examiner and evaluated for safety according to strict guidelines.

Each case within the logbook needs to be acceptable for the candidate to pass Level 1B.


SASGE Membership

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