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SASGE eLearning Pathway

The SASGE eLearning Pathway will enable you to acquire your SASGE Certification in Minimal Access Gynaecological Surgery (MAGS).

About the eLearning pathway?

SASGE has designed this pathway specifically for the South African Gynaecological fraternity and is endorsed by SASOG.

The SASGE eLearning pathway is unique in that it not only tests the theoretical and practical basics of laparoscopic surgery, but also assesses the transition from the training lab into the clinical environment through an objective assessment of operative safety.

A word from the SASGE President

Dear fellow surgeons in gynaecology.

Welcome to the SASGE eLearning pathway, a much-needed South African solution addressing a key local need.

The newly introduced level one program is designed to emphasize basic surgical safety.

The continued focus on fundamental safety principles, including entry, electrosurgery, instrumentation, and endoscopic anatomy, can help reduce complications significantly and build surgeon confidence.

Current Status and Immediate Need

Litigation and indemnity issues have made gynaecological endoscopic surgery increasingly risky for all parties involved. Despite rising patient demand, the desire to leverage this sophisticated approach will remain elusive until we establish a safe environment for everyone.

As gynaecologists we should take responsibility for reducing our exposure and increasing patient safety in an ever-changing litigious environment. Let’s not only blame the high costs of indemnity to insurance companies but also take more responsibility for learning and ensuring safety.

It is crucial to carefully craft an environment of learning. We need to practice safe surgery and provide indemnity companies with statistics that demonstrate reduced risk for all stakeholders.

Future Challenges

SASGE is committed to further developing the program to level 2 and eventually level 3.

As technology advances, we need to adapt to advances and changes, exemplified by the recent introduction to gynaecology of the Da Vinci system in South Africa. In this regard, SASGE will lead the charge and create our plan is to create a robotic program as we move forward.

Way Forward

SASGE aims to empower educational institutions interested in establishing their training programs by providing guidance and criteria for centres of excellence in training. Through these centres, prospective surgeons can seek the necessary support and direction.

As the president, my vision is to have at least one centre of excellence per province, led by our own local experts.

I look forward to engaging with you, fellow gynaecological surgeons, as we walk this journey together.

Dr Viju Thomas

President, South African Society of Gynaecological Endoscopy (SASGE)

SASGE Membership

SASGE Members will have exclusive access to the SASGE Learning Pathway.


Who should enrol?

The course is aimed at all gynaecologists of all levels who wish to enhance their laparoscopic knowledge and/or wish to obtain a certificate of competency.

All SASGE members can register for the learning pathway.

Level 1

Level 1 consists of Level 1A and Level 1B

1A encompasses theory and practical sessions

1B encompasses theoretical and practical examination and submission of a surgical logbook.

Suitable for registrars and clinicians practising at any level with the prerequisite of adequacy in laparoscopic suturing.

CPD points are awarded!

1A – Course

The Level 1A course forms the basis for safe laparoscopy and a certificate of attendance will be awarded to those who complete the course. 


Obtain Certificate of Attendance for 1A and Exit.


Pass the examination and begin submitting the logbook.

1B – Exam

Level 1B encompasses an examination on the Level 1A coursework and a suturing skill assessment.

This is then followed by a video logbook of laparoscopic cases. On successful completion, a certificate of competency will be awarded.

*Basic laparoscopic suturing ability is a prerequisite.

1B – Logbook

You will be required to record and submit 15 basic laparoscopic cases and 5 hysteroscopic cases within 1 year.

Ensure that you are able to meet the logbook requirements prior to 1B enrolment.

MAGS Certification

  • Successful candidates will exit with Level 1 MAGS.
  • If unsuccessful, you may repeat exam at the next opportunity.

Submit Logbook

Please prepare your logbook (images, documents, video) in one folder, use WeTransfer to upload, and paste the transfer link in the Message field below. Enrolled course participants must be logged in to submit a logbook.